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The Holy Spirit will always guide you
truly, for your joy is his.
~ A Course In Miracles

Keys for Change services 
are now available in St. George, UT
for Aura Readings and Hypnotherapy
& Group Spiritual Readings 
Email: keysforchangeutah@gmail.com
for location options
"I started seeing Robyn in the summer of 2010. Her gift is utterly amazing. Her kindness and compassionate spiritual advisement got me through one of the hardest time in my life. I am grateful to have found her.”
- Kyle C
"I recently had my first aura reading with Robyn.. Although I wasn't sure quite what to expect, it was a very comfortable and enriching experience. Meeting with Robyn was like chatting with a friend, a very educated and empathetic friend!" 
- Beth
"What a night last night! The gallery was amazing. You two are amazing at what you do. I personally got so much out of last night - learned, healed, and enjoyed myself. Robyn, you are extremely compassionate! I feel that I received validation."
- Donna D
"I had the distinct pleasure of having a biopulsar intuitive aura imaging reading with Robyn. She is truly gifted and the information that she gave to me was priceless. On all levels, the physical, the metaphysical, and the intuitive information I received was both loving and supportive. I can't stop telling everyone about this blessed experience. Honor yourself with this gift, and be amazed at how Robyn's knowledge of the auric energy that surrounds all of us has a great deal to tell us." 
- Mary Ann 
"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed my Aura/Chakra analysis reading with you yesterday. I signed up for the reading thinking, "this will be a fun thing to do, see my aura colors and find out about my chakras". Well, I have to admit I was blown away. I couldn't believe how much you could interpret from this technology. You were right on with everything. Not only that, but I think the reader, you, makes all the difference in a reading like this. Your energy and passion about what you do makes for a very enjoyable experience. Thank you again for taking the time with me, I learned so much and enjoyed every split second I had talking with you. Thanks again, you are wonderful!" 
- Katie 
"In October 2006 decided to start a diet, I wanted to lose about 10 -15 pounds. I had dieted in the past with some success, however the weight soon came back. This time I decided to try something different in conjunction with the diet. I attended a weight loss hypnosis class at the Enchanted Fox in Medway, Ma, given by Robyn. The results of the diet were dramatic. I not only lost the 12 pounds in 5 weeks, but I have managed to keep the weight from coming back for the past three months. The hypnosis seemed to change sometime inside me about the way I looked at food. I still enjoy anything I want to eat, however I find it easy to control the amounts I eat. Moderation seems to be a way of life now and the cravings can be controlled easier. I do not feel deprived of the foods I enjoyed but the hold food had on me is gone. I firmly believe the hypnosis contributed greatly to my success and continues to help keep the weight from returning. Thanks" 
- JM 
"I attended a weight-loss hypnosis session at The Enchanted Fox in early August. I would like to thank you for providing the motivation for me to take control of my weight. Since August I have lost approximately 30 pounds. I have done much thinking about the impetus behind this loss. I have not been involved in hypnosis before, and have never studied the more spiritual aspects of my own being. I have been trying to understand more of why this weight loss has been occuring, and feel that it is a combination of factors, your therapy being a strong part. Thank you for your strength and help." 
- Sue 

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