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When I've been most effective,
I've listened to my inner voice.
~ Norman Lear
 Keys for Change is available for Spiritual Readings by phone, Skype and FaceTime
Aura Readings and group readings now offered in St. George, Utah
Email: keysforchangeutah@gmail.com
for location options 
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​                                                            In 3D it's really challenging right now !   In 4D all is well and very creative right now !                 

      * Thursday, April 16th -     SPIRITUAL TIME IN -      6:45 - 8:00 IN YOUR OWN HOME - DISTANCE GROUP SESSION
            Once a month you will have the opportunity to give yourself 2 hrs time in Spirit.
            This Time In Spirit is for anyone 18 + to re-charge, re-calibrate, and experience 
            the higher levels of thought.   There will be at least one conscious imaging session, and every group get together is inspired and
            unique:) only $20 for 2+ hrs of chill time !

            * Send me an e-mail and let me know if you want your name and e-mail address added to the newsletter list of classes.

      * Tuesday & Wednesday, Friday afternoon & some Saturdays  - * SKYPE, FACETIME OR BY PHONE 
            Private Sessions available by appt -  Spiritual Mediumship Reading, Hypnosis for stress management, Aura Imaging
            ** until further notice all session are offered by Skype, FaceTime or by phone.  Because SHIFT HAPPENS :)

            e-mail Robyn at       keysforchangeutah@gmail.com  

       * NEW CLASS !!!             ENERGY WISDOM Workshop                 
              Saturday, (when we can all get together again)  10:30 - 4:30     Usually $85 put this is a special price to ring in the New Year - $75 
                       (includes lunch, snacks & handouts)
​              This workshop is presented by 2 - Certified Energy Practioner's !  This is an hands on - intro to Energy workshop in a  casual and comfortable 
              environment in St. George.   Learn about it, evidence of it - send it & receive it.  This is FUN people :)  & valuable !!!  
              No deposit is necessary but pre-registration is required.  There is limited space,  send Robyn an e-mail to sign up    keysforchangeutah@gmail.com

      * SHIFT HAPPENS!   IT'S HAPPENING NOW !!  check back for the next one.  
               This class is presented with the intention to help as we move into another level of consciousness and out of the very dense
               3D and 4D experience.  This is really awesome news, but can be tricky to say the least.  Here are some of what we'll cover.....
               Signs and Symptoms - are you experiencing any of these?
               Why is this happening?  Morphic Resonance.   Energy and how it can help you move gracefully through this transition.
               This class will be fun, interactive and full of information to help.  It will include lunch and a lot more.
               If you haven't received the announcement and want to be apart of this class - e-mail Robyn, keysforchangeutah@gmail.com

      *  Chapter meeting - * 2nd Tuesday of each month -  NGH approved Hypnosis Chapter meetings
              NGH sponsored but all Certified Hypnotists and students
              are welcome.  Please contact Robyn for more information.  As we know, hypnosis is the most amazing tool for change!
              Stay current and enjoy being in the company of like minded people.
      *   Basic Spiritual Development Class  - This is a 3 month class - 
             This class is designed to help you build a strong foundation is spiritual concepts. You may be looking for clarity, validation of what you already know, desiring
             to play and practice and discuss topics with others who share your need to make sense of the wackadoodle events in the world.
             Check the training page for more information.  Please let me know if you are ready for this one!

* The next group Messages From Spirit will be announced - *pre-registration is required  
            A "Spiritual Anything Goes" small group session ~
           Messages from Spirit delivered in a loving and light hearted, small group environment in the St. George area,
           by Spiritual Medium Robyn Patrick-Mayer. Please e-mail Robyn at keysforchangeutah@gmail.com to register.
           $60 for this small group session. All will receive information. Pre-registration is required.

                                       * please note: if you prefer a custom small group please contact Robyn for more information *

   *  If there is something that you would like offered or times that would work better for you please send me an e-mail and let me know. 

SHIFT HAPPENS!! - We're here to help :)