About Us

  Keys for Change is available for Spiritual Readings and Hypnosis reinforcement by phone, 
Skype and FaceTime
Aura Readings and group readings now offered in St. George 
for location options
The rates for services offered are as follows:

Service of Hypnotherapy - 

Private sessions -  ** PLEASE NOTE:  I am not currently offering private sessions for new clients.
                                    I will be focused on hypnotherapy in group settings 
                                    and professional locations.  Please contact me if your place of business, school setting
                                    church ect, will benefit from learning stress management techniques that work and learning
Really - who doesn't need to learn to relax  - just sayin :
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Group sessions - 
Stress Management / Self Hypnosis Training / Spiritual Development

3 Session Hypnotherapy Weight Loss program - 
This 3 week program is in a group setting and designed for success - YOURS! 
$195.00 per person, includes full length CD 

Hypnosis Spiritual Development sessions - 
Small group sessions, $65.00 per person (minimum 4 people)

Group sessions are available at your location.

Offering:  Reconnection Healing Sessions

This session is based on the work of Dr. Eric Pearl and his book - Heal Others, Heal Yourself 
* I recommend that you read this book before your session, this is not mandatory
The session averages 90 min, $125.00 per session


Service of Spiritual Mediumship - 

A private mediumship or intuitive reading is approx 90 min $125.00 (recorded if desired) 
Private sessions via Skype-approx. 90 minutes $125
A session may be shared - the charge for 2 to 4 people is $75 per person 
Pricing for a group of 5 or more will be determined by the group size, please call or email for rates

For groups at your location, contact Robyn at keysforchangeutah@gmail.com for more information. 


Service of Aura Imaging and Analysis - 

Aura picture, chakra, body graph analysis, and CD recording of the readings $125 approx. 90 min. 
Ask about family rates, special event rates and student discount.  
Full session with energy therapy plus aura imaging $125.00 2 hrs. 
Available for group and private events, will travel to your location. 


Payment: At time of service unless special arrangements are made prior to session.

The services above are not intended to treat or diagnose, they are offered as a support for care you may be receiving from you Physician or Chiropractor, etc. A referral from your care giver for a particular condition may be necessary so that we may work as a team toward your wholeness and health. The services are intended as a tool toward empowering you to take responsibility toward your health and well being and as a support for other healing modalities. 

My intention is to help you achieve your goals toward wholeness and balance